Baidya, Chand term Maoists' unity 'hullabaloo of opportunism'

KATHMANDU: Maoist leaders Mohan Baidya, Netra Bikram Chand and Hemanta Prakash Oli on Thursday said unification of various Maoist parties and forces into the CPN Maoist Centre was a 'hullabaloo of rightist opportunism'.

Issuing a press statement after the parties including UCPN-Maoist, Revolutionary Communist Party, CPN (Maoist) as well as majority leaders from Baidya's CPN-Revolutionary Maoist and some leaders of Chand's CPN Maoist announced the unity this afternoon, the leader trio said the "so-called" unification was illusive and dangerous for liberation of people and the nation.

They also added that the new unity would not held movements for national independence, rule of people and solutions of people's day-to-day problems.

"This is a rightist and neo-reformist alliance," Baidya, Chand and Oli, who respectively lead CPN-Revolutionary Maoist, CPN Maoist and Communist Nucleus Nepal, said,, "And, we have to move ahead while launching a strong ideological struggle against it."

Claiming themselves as the revolutionary line of thought, the leaders asked followers of the Maoist ideology to extend support to them.