Basnet selected coordinator of Press Organisation


The second national gathering of Press Organisation Nepal unanimously elected joint-coordinator Ganesh Basnet as the coordinator.

Basnet replaces coordinator Mahesh Dahal, who was removed on the ground of lack of activity in carrying out organisational responsibilities.

The organisation has also endorsed a new statute with a decision to have a 351-member central committee.

The gathering ended with the determination to reconstitute and remanage the organisation on the basis of inclusion at all levels by uniting at the central, provincial, district, foundations and associate levels in the new situation. The gathering decided to urge the sides concerned to enforce minimum wage and the Working Journalists Act in every media. It also called for just distribution of public welfare advertisements.

A special request was made to the government to provide economic relief for mediapersons and small and self-employment-oriented media organisations impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and establish the rights and well-being of working journalists.