Bhaktapur to be declared Yoga district

Bhaktapur, September 23

Bhaktapur can now be declared the first ever Yoga district in the country, according to Bal Mukunda Suwal, secretariat member of Yoga District Declaration Main Organising Committee, Bhaktapur.

As more than 55 per cent of the total population, aged between 10 and 70 years of age, in this smallest district in the country have been recorded to have been practicing yoga on a regular basis, the district is going to enjoy the prestige of being the first yoga district, shared Suwal at a press conference.

Reportedly, there are a total of 250,439 people between the ages of 10 and 70 years in the district.

The main organising committee, Bhaktapur together with nine other organisations have been running various yoga and meditation-oriented programmes in 26 locations.