Body for disabled wants changes in syllabus

Kathmandu: Participants at an interaction today urged the Ministry of Education and Sports to make changes in the education syllabus as most texts do not teach students to be positive about disabled people. The request was made based on a study done by a National Federation of the Disabled Nepal on the general tendency of texts regarding disabled people. Govinda Acharya said some biographies of exemplary disabled persons are included, but the significance of inclusion is not made clear. Kiran Shipakar, a member of the study team, said some of the questions are totally impossible for the visually and hearing impaired to answer. "The issue of disabled people is included in the texts as social problems and deformation, which is absolutely wrong," he added. According to Nirmal Devkota, instead of "speaking and listening" parts, which is irrelevant to hearing impa-ired, "looking and doing" should be included. — HNS