Brihat Nagarik Andolan campaigners that had gathered near Singhadurbar on Sunday morning demanding reformation of Dharan based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, have been detained.

Police have arrested over a dozen activists including Khagendra Sangraula, Sanjeev Upreti, Abhubhav Ajit, Vimal Aryal, Archana Thapa, Narayan Wagle, Praneta, Shrawan Mukarung, among others, ahead of the protest they were preparing for outside the gates of Singhadurbar.

The group has been protesting politicisation and commercialisation of medical sector and the issue of corruption therein.

Moreover, students and doctors at BPKIHS have accused Vice-chancellor Dr Gyanendra Giri of showing uncommon demeanor and being very ignorant towards their demands.

Agitators have charged that irregularities and mismanagement have escalated at BPKIHS due to irresponsible actions of VC Dr Giri, Rector Dr Guru Prasad Khanal, Registrar Dr Mohan Chandra Regmi and Hospital Director Gauri Shankar Sah.

Furthermore, doctors and students have demanded the appointment of VC, rector, registrar and director on the basis of meritocracy.