Bhaktapur, January 15:

The Buddhists of Bhaktapur Municipality today offered Samyak Mahadaan to the Buddhist monks belonging to the Shakya and Bajrachaya clan.

The Mahadaan was organised on the premises of Bhaktapur Buddhist Heritage Society (BBHS).

Aastha Kaji Bajracharya from Chatur Bramha Mahabihar led the Samyak Mahadaan after the worshipping deities including Dipankar and Samyak that were brought to from different places and other people willing to present daan to the monks, followed him.

“According to Buddhism, one of the ways to be Buddha is to present donation to the monks,” said Puspa Ratna Shakya, vice chairman of the BBHS. To teach the religious value of Samyak Mahadaan, 32 monks from Muni Bihar joined the Mahadaan in Bhaktapur for the first time.