Budget allocation not justifiable, lawmakers say in House

KATHMANDU: Most of lawmakers taking part in the deliberations on the Appropriation Bill- 2073 BS criticised the government for appropriating budget in the interest of the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and people close to them, in the Legislature-Parliament on Monday.

The deliberations were held on the budget released for the ministries of supply, energy, cooperative and poverty alleviation, women, children and social welfare, foreign affairs, federal affairs and local development, physical infrastructure and transport, urban development, the Office of President, the Office of Vice President and the National Planning Commission.

Voices of those who have access to power holders were given priority rather than the needs of any sector during the budget appropriation, claimed the lawmakers adding, this was against the norms of social justice.

"The new budget has just shared dreams among the people and in a real sense it has failed to address their needs,” they added.

The budget allocation was biased, not justifiable and neither proportional.

The budget has been allocated to some 80 road projects of a single district while the district lacking access to those in the powers are put aside,the lawmakers further added.

Some lawmakers expressed livid at the absence of some line ministers in the meeting.

A total of 31 lawmakers took part in the deliberations.

The Legislature-Parliament will hold another meeting at 11:00 am tomorrow.