Lalitpur, June 29 :

An adult literacy programme for women is being digitalised in Bungmati, a village in Lalitpur district.

The tele-centre of Bungmati with UNESCO’s support, is trying to bridge the digital divide by incorporating information technology in literacy programmes.

“As part of extending technology to people’s doorstep through interesting teaching and learning methodologies, we are introducing electronic educational material to 22 women through computers from July 17,” said Prem Bhakta Maharjan, secretary of Tele-centre of Bungmati.

The centre, which is trying to bridge the digital gap in the semi-rural area, aims to make information technology more accessible to women. The centre, which is the only one in the Bungmati village development committee, is operated by two young women. The computer operators were given 10-months training to assemble a computer and give technical assistance in hardware maintenance and repair.

Sita Maharjan, a computer operator at the centre, said, “The centre is liked by students who come to hone their skills.” Maharjan added that the centre disseminates information on vegetable prices, agricultural pests, health and nutrition. The centre was established with technical support, coordination and financial support of the National Information Technology Centre and UNDP.