Bureaucrats with DV, PR threatened with dismissal

KATHMANDU: Minister for General Administration Lal Babu Pandit on Wednesday threatened civil servants who violate government's order to renounce their diversity visa, green cards or permanent residency of other countries with dismissal.

Organising a press conference, Pandit asked all bureaucrats who are still holding foreign DV, green cards or PR to declare the same within 30 days and relinquish it in additional 30 days.

“If you fail to do so be ready for dismissal from your posts,” Minister Pandit warned, referring to the provision of a newly enacted law — the fourth amendment to Civil Service Act. “You will not get any benefit from the state but will be disqualified from any official position in future.”

President Ram Baran Yadav had authenticated the law on Tuesday. The minister said he had to fight for last 17 months just to convince the concerned stakeholders that a civil servant cannot hold foreign identity cards while serving for Nepal.