Cabinet wants VP to retake oath

KATHMANDU: The cabinet meeting on Monday urged vice president Parmanda Jha to retake the oath of the office in the Nepali language as per the Supreme Court verdict. It also decided to amend the interim constitution through a bill to ensure the right to take the oath in the mother tongue.

The cabinet meeting also endorsed the agendas of the Prime Minister’s upcoming India trip. The PM will be inking a bilateral trade and commerce treaty, inform about the ongoing peace process in Nepal and discuss differences issues like water resources, border and environment as well as enhancing bilateral ties, informed government’s spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communications Shankar Pokharel after the meeting. It also decided the PM’s team would be of 64-member, including journalists and businessmen. The team includes Ministers of Foreign, Tourism Minister, Energy, Finance, Supplies and Industry along with PM’s wife, vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission, six businessmen, journalists and two security personnel.

However, minister Pokhrel said that there will be no agreements on Pancheswor Project between the two countries.