Call to end human trafficking in the guise of foreign employment

Kathmandu, January 26

Participants in an interaction held here yesterday discussed the nexus between human trafficking and foreign employment.

Speakers at the event shed light on the latest trend of foreign employment and how women were being trafficked in the name of foreign employment. They also claimed that the government despite its policies had not been able to address the problems of migrants. The issue of double jeopardy while prosecuting cases of human trafficking in the cover of foreign employment was also discussed.

The speakers also informed that despite the commitments by the governments to end exploitation of migrant workers, there are ambiguous and restrictive policies, which make the workers vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

“Lack of employment opportunities provides a fertile ground for traffickers who lure migrant population with promises of better employment opportunities elsewhere. The nexus between foreign labour migration and trafficking in persons has not been fully recognised in Nepal, either in law or in practice,” said Sabin Shrestha, one of the speakers.

The event also highlighted issues of women and discussed how the government had formulated policies to prevent women from being trafficked abroad. Speakers stressed the need for laws and their strict implementation to end trafficking and exploitation of workers in foreign lands.

“We need laws and strict enforcement of those laws. We must also work together to end human trafficking in one form or the other,” said Sonja Hönig Schough, president of Zonta International and Zonta International Foundation.

“People while going abroad for foreign employment should be given training so that they are equipped with necessary skills. They should go through the legal process and have abundant knowledge about the kind of work they will be required to do in the foreign country. If they go through illegal process they will be deprived of legal protection,” said Arjun Prasad Khanal, under-secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Employment.