Call for more open spaces in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, August 30

Speakers at a programme here today expressed concern about lack of public spaces in Kathmandu Valley. They also decried mismanagement of available public spaces, which are either being used as parking lots or garbage dump.

Speaking at the programme, Executive Director of Primary Health Care Centre Shanta Lal Mulmi stressed on designating 10 pubic spaces in Kathmandu Valley as per the government’s programme for the current fiscal year. He recalled that open spaces in parks, schools, and health centres had offered temporary shelter to people during the 2015 earthquakes.

UN Habitat’s programme officer Bhushan Tuladhar stressed on preserving open spaces and chowks constructed in the past. “These places can also be used to hold cultural programmes,” he added.

As per the new building code, at least five per cent of the total land should be left unused while constructing a house or any other structures within the KMC.

Presenting a working paper, Suman Maharjan expressed his dismay over lack of public spaces in Kathmandu Valley.

Likewise, other speakers urged the authorities to manage vegetable markets in Kathmandu Valley.

The government has tasked Kathmandu Valley Development Authority with the responsibility of protecting and managing identified open spaces for use in the aftermath of the 2015 quakes.