Call for steps to conserve dwindling water resources

Lalitpur, April 13

Participants at a workshop organised by Urban Environment Management Society yesterday expressed concern about dwindling water resources in the Valley.

Experts, leaders from different political parties and representatives of Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Management Board, Department of Water Supply and Sewerage and municipalities demanded implementation of regulations to conserve water resources.

The Valley needs around 36 crore litres of water on a daily basis. But the water currently being supplied is nine crore litres in winter and 15 crore litres in monsoon.

According to Raj Babu Shrestha, executive director at UEMS, rain water harvesting and water sources recharge are the alternatives which are sustainable methods for ensuring smooth water supply.

UEMS Chairman Prem Singh Maharjan said Melamchi Drinking Water project, which is under construction, will supply only 17 crore litres of water and that would not meet the current water demand in the Valley.

At the programme, stakeholders had also demanded for a discount on the approval of house designs for building the rain water harvesting system.