Call to ensure Hinduism as state religion


The majority of residents of Lalitpur constituencies No 2 and 3 have voiced their support for maintaining Hinduism as Nepal’s state religion.

During a public hearing held to draw feedback on the preliminary draft of ‘Nepal Constitution, 2072’ here on Monday, majority of residents put forth the demand for including Hinduism as state religion, provision guaranteeing citizenship in the name of both mother and father, free health treatment for elderly citizens and banning child labourers.

In Khumaltar area where the hearing took place for Constituency No 3, at least 150

residents presented their opinions verbally while a total of 500 submitted suggestions in written. They complained that the campaign for drawing people’s feedback had been urban-centred.

Likewise, at Lalitpur Constituency No 2, residents pressed for promulgating the new constitution only after naming and delineating the provinces. They insisted on determining educational qualification to be the people’s representatives and head of state.