Call to revamp education system

Kathmandu, April 26:

Private school owners today said that though schools have been declared a zone of peace the schools have been hit hard by instability and conflict prevailing in the country.

At a press conference organised here today by the Centre for School Education Efficiency Development, participants highlighted the problems facing the school education.

Participants emphasised on the need for reforms in the education system. Sharan Ratna Sthapit, PABSON member, said the curriculum should be designed to help students gain knowledge. He said the education sector is suffering from a faulty examination system.

According to him, students’s performance should be graded subject-wise so that they can pursue higher education in the subject that they have excelled in. “Those getting poor grade in overall subjects should be given vocational education,” he said.

Bishnu Acharya, former member of PABSON, expressed similar views. He said failing in a particular subject should not prevent students from being promoted to the next class.