Cardiologist on a mission

Kathmandu, January 13:

A renowned cardiologist from New Delhi is here on a mission. “The main mission this time around is to tell heart patients that prevention is always better than going for medical attention,” Dr Ravi R Kasliwal, director of Cardiology at the New-Delhi based Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre (EHI&RC), told The Himalayan Times.

“Science has realised that it is always better to concentrate on evolving ways that can help thwart emergency situation. Victory against ailments lies in early detection of chest- related complication,” Dr Kasliwal, who is currently in Kathmandu in connection with the launch of “Mission Save Heart” in cooperation with Norvic, said. He stressed the need to have right tests early on in one’s life which alone can tell whether one needs to be alert from ailments of the heart and chest.

“Once one is told to remain alert, what follows almost simultaneously is the introduction of preventive measures. A cardiologist will tell you what to do next,” Dr Kasliwal said.

“What is important next is we are trying to spread the news concerning preventive measure far and wide. This has to be done through a network of community outreach programmes,” Dr Kasliwal, whose father Late (Col) RM Kasliwal was personal physician to legendary Subhas Chandra Bose, said.