Chartered flight carrying 175 evacuees from Wuhan arrives

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Airlines aircraft sent by the government to bring home people who had applied to be evacuated from six different cities of Hubei Province of China, has landed in Kathmandu at 3:38am.

A hundred and seventy five people of the 185 that had requested the government for their immediate evacuation have arrived home.

Six people could not board the plane due to medical reasons, while four decided to stay back at the last moment. The nature of the 'medical reasons' owing to which six people were returned from the airport by Chinese authorities, however, is yet to be ascertained.

The evacuees are now being taken to Nepal Electricity Authority Training Centre, Kharipati where they would be kept for 14 to 17 days, or longer, in quarantine.

According to the Ministry of Health, as many as 60 rooms have been prepared for their stay where six persons will be sharing one restroom. Those quarantined will be asked to record their body temperature twice daily and should immediately inform the medical team if notice any symptom of COVID-19. Those in quarantine can also seek Psychological counselling in the centre.

Throat swab of the evacuees will be taken within 24 hours after they reach the place of quarantine. All 175 returnees along with the crew members of the flight who will share this 'temporary base' will undergo another test on 14th day.

Meanwhile, all operations at the Tribhuvan International Airport have been shut down until 6:00am.

One of the people onboard the special flight posted a tweet in which passengers can be seen expressing happiness and relief upon arrival.

Another tweet posted by a passenger mirroring similar sentiments.