‘Children should be encouraged to choose the right path’

Kathmandu, April 28

Anuradha Koirala, CNN Hero and founder president of Maiti Nepal, said children should be encouraged to choose the right path and it is the duty of parents to guide them.

Speaking at the World’s Children’s press conference today, Koirala said different activities in the school make them aware of the reality. “The World’s Children Prize helped the children to learn about the voting system in the democratic country.”

The World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child is the world’s largest annual educational activity for children’s empowerment and humanitarian growth to global citizens. “Besides hope and faith, this programme gives children a platform to demand their rights and share of respect,” informed Koirala.

The World’s Children’s Prize programme concluded with a unique ‘global vote’. In schools all over the world, students learn how democracy works and then they organise their own election and also vote for their child rights heroes.

Each year three outstanding Child Rights Heroes are nominated for World’s Children’s Prize. Their stories, and the stories of children they fight for, are shared in schools worldwide, who also learn about child rights and democracy. This year children voted Manuel Rodrigues as Child Right Heroes 2017.

Maiti Nepal was awarded WCP award in 2002 and it has been organising World’s Children’s Prize in Nepal since. “The programme directly reaches out to 38.4 million children in 115 countries and indirectly to hundreds of millions of people every year through the media,” informed Shivani Chemjong, information officer at Maiti Nepal.