Chinese journalists visit Bhaktapur

BHAKTAPUR: A visiting team comprising Chinese journalists observed historical heritage sites in Bhaktapur, on Tuesday.

The team led by the Chinese Journalists Federation general secretary Gau Shangang toured around the quake-damaged heritage sites enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Other members of the team are Ding Gionming, Ma Yu An, Zhang Zhong Shun and Xiang Weng.

The Chinese team inspected the Durbar Square, the Pachapanna Jhyale Durbar ("55-window palace") and the Nyatapol Temple (Panchtale Mandir) among other sites.

The Federation of Nepalese Journalist (FNJ) Bhaktapur President Amar Bhuju welcomed the team by adorning them with the traditional black caps (Bhadgaunle Topi) and shawls as a gesture of honour and welcome. The Bhaktapur-based had organisation facilitated their visit.

Following their visit, Gau assured to extend their support to the Nepali journalism sector.

Similarly, officials from the FNJ Bhaktapur stressed promoting relations between the journalists from the both countries.