Chlorine test on Valley water begins

Kathmandu, August 17:

A month-long chlorine test is being conducted in the Kathmandu Valley from today to measure the amount of chlorine in water. Aided by technicians and domestic lab kits, as many as 100 housewives in the Kathmandu Valley will test the government-distributed water to see the amount of chlorine in it.

The NGO Forum for Urban Water and Sanitation is conducting the test campaign in technical collaboration with the Nepal Environment Organisation and with support from different community-based organisations.

“For a month, the consumers will test the quality of drinking water and get to know whether the water is safe for drinking,” said an official at the NGO Forum. While chlorine is deficit in water distributed in Samakhusi and Tri-Chandra Campus, water distributed in the Bansbari area contains higher amount of chlorine than required, according to preliminary reports.

Water containing higher level of chlorine is considered unsafe for drinking.