CIAA summons Bista, three others

Kathmandu, April 22:

Acting on the report prepared by a commission led by former Supreme Court Justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi, the Commission for Investigation of abuse of Authority (CIAA) today summoned four members of the erstwhile King Gyanendra-led cabinet.

The quartet will be interrogated for its alleged role in misusing the state treasury and indulging in corruption while suppressing the Jana Andolan-II.

The anti-corruption body summoned the cabinet’s second vice-chairman, Kirtinidhi Bista, and Ministers Buddihiman Tamang, Keshar Bahadur Bista and Salim Miya Ansari.

The CIAA has asked the four members of the king-led cabinet to show up at its office within seven days.

Also today, the anti-graft agency questioned former Minister Ramesh Nath Pandey.

“I showed up at the CIAA office to help it in its investigations as it was my duty to do so as a law-abiding citizen,” the former minister said.

“The CIAA’s questions were not related with me.”

A source at the anti-corruption agency, however, claimed that it questioned Pandey on his role in misusing funds during the King’s direct rule.

Pandey has been accused of misusing government funds through the Ministry of Home and Ministry of Information and Communications.