Civil servants for more rights

NCSA asks govt not to curtail rightsCivil servants urge govt not to curtail rightsHimalayan News ServiceKathmandu, April 11

Nepal Civil Servants Association has asked the government not to curtail the rights of civil servants confining the association to limited area citing any excuses.In a central committee meeting held today, the civil servants have urged the government for a broader discussion and interaction regarding civil service act-1992 and its second amendment before making of the laws. “Only this can ensure an effective, dynamic and honest civil service,” says the statement issued after the meeting. It has also urged the government to consider international laws regarding the rights of the civil servants.The meeting has expressed grief over the killings of civil servants in different parts of the country and condemned the Maoist rebels, who have been targeting physical infrastructures of the country, lately. Civil servants have appealed the members of the parliament to introduce strong laws against corruption so that the corrupt officials could not escape at any cost.Earlier, general secretary of the association Murari Bhattarai and treasurer Hari Prasad Luintel had submitted their reports to the meeting chaired by Bishwanath Pyakurel, president of the association.The meeting has decided to hold its national convention by the end of the next year. The association has asked the civil servants to organise a nationwide interaction programme to discuss about the role of civil servants in the state of emergency.Meanwhile, Nepal Ex-servicemen’s Association has decided to extend the tenure of its central committee for another one year. “It was decided because it is impossible to have our national convention during emergency,” says a statement issued by the ex servicemen’s association. Same decision has been applied to the district committees.The meeting has decided to form the district soldiers board in additional 13 districts of the country. In another decision, ex servicemen have expressed the commitment to keep on lobbying the government to initiate dialogue with the British government for equal payment to the Gurkha and British soldiers.