KATHMANDU: Chief Justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi on Wednesday conducted an inquiry on the release of businessman Bhimendra Kumar Goyal by the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday.

“Chief Justice inquired on the verdict, responding to media reports,” Til Prasad Shrestha, spokesperson, SC, said.

A division bench of Justices Top Bahadur Magar and Mohan Prakash Sitaula yesterday issued the order overturning a three-week old apex court verdict that upheld a subordinate verdict to detain him. Kathmandu District Court arrested him on April 29 on the charge of violating Foreign Exchange Act, 1962. On May 17, a division bench of Justices Bala Ram KC and Abadhesh Kumar Yadav had upheld the detention.

Chief Justice Rayamajhi today appointed joint registrar Jivanhari Adhikari as the chief of the Verdict Implementation Directorate to facilitate the implementation of court verdicts.