Clarification sought from HAMS hospital

Kathmandu, December 18

Department of Drug Administration has asked HAMS hospital in Buddhanagar to submit clarification as the hospital’s pharmacy was found to be running without registration.

The hospital however claimed that it had already submitted its papers for renewal a few months ago. “We have submitted all the papers necessary for renewal of the pharmacy to the DDA,” said Bhakta Pralhad Pandey, director, HAMS Hospital.  The hospital was given a deadline of three days yesterday.

“Officials from the hospital haven’t come to us today,” said Saraswati Devkota, Pharmacy Supervisor at DDA.

“We will go to DDA tomorrow with all the necessary documents,” said Pandey.

The investigators also didn’t find temperature well maintained in the pharmacy.

Model Hospital, Bagbazar was also found to be neglecting the guidelines of the DDA. The medicines were stored in cold places which carried with it the risk fungal growth. There is also the problem of billing. We have asked the hospital to maintain billing system,” Devkota further added.  “If the hospitals fail to provide necessary documents after such investigation, legal action will be taken against such hospitals,” he warned.