Clean Bagmati may not be a chimera

KATHMANDU: If everything goes as planned, clean water is likely to flow in Bagmati River in five years time. A fresh initiative is being launched for the Bagmati clean-up after scores of governmental and non-governmental agencies failed to bring the plan to fruition.

High Powered Committee for Integrated Development of Bagmati Civilization and National Nature Conservation are jointly planning to launch a five-year “Bagmati Working Plan” project worth Rs 9 billion for the Bagmati clean-up.

According to the project Chief Anilbhadra Khanal, the project would prohibit direct sewage connection into the river. He informed they would establish modern water treatment plants at Gokarna, Guheshewori, Balkumari and Sundarighat.

As per the plan, about 27-kilomenter stretch of blacktopped roads would be constructed on both sides of the Bagmati River from Sundarijal to Chovar. Plantation would be done on the both sides of the road.

In the first phase the source of Bagmati River would be preserved. In the second phase, disposal of garbage into the river would be prohibited. Thirdly, people would not be allowed to mix sewage directly in the river in this area.

Sewage would be sent to the river after purification in the plants. The project will also renovate historical monuments sites on the bank of the river.

Khanal also called for the support of the major political parties to make the project a success. He said that the clean-up project would not be possible without vacating the river banks which are occupied by landless squatters.

Stating that the project would integrate government and non-government organisations, Khanal informed that the project would come into operation as soon as the government approved the draft of the project.