CMDP to organise programme to push republican agenda

Kathmandu, November 14:

The Civic Movement for Democracy and Peace (CMDP) is going to organise a Republican Cultural Programme, to support the ongoing peace process on Sunday, at Tundhikhel.

“The event of November 19 will mainly concentrate on people’s feeling toward long-lasting peace and establishment of republic through the election of constituent assembly,” said Krishna Pahadi, a member of the movement. Pahadi was addressing a press conference today.

It is a part of the movement’s peaceful campaign for establishment of democratic republic.

Pahadi said the political development would lead the country toward peace and prosperity but the role of civil society’s as a watchdog is still important.

Pahadi also welcomed the peace deal made between the leaders of seven-political parties and the Maoist.

According to the organisers, the event will feature speakers, poets, singers, comic artists as well as painters, who mainly will raise their voice for successful settlement of the armed movement and restructuring of the state.

Popular artists like Madan Krishna-Hari Bansha, Ramehs-Rayan, Ram Krishna Duwal, JB Tuhure, Rubin Gandharba, Manoj Gajurel, Arjun Parajuli and others will perform on the occasion.