Bhaktapur, December 6:

Students of the Department of Earthquake Engineering in the Khowpa Engineering College in Bhaktapur are all set to organise massive awareness and training campaign on earthquake, its causes and effects for the villagers across the country.

Altogether 20 students of Master’s of Civil Engineering will share their knowledge about various issues related with earthquake with the people in the villages, who have largely remained ignorant about the same, Dr Rajan Suwal, principal of the college said.

“There are very few organisations which are delivering messages to make villagers cautious about earthquake,” Dr Suwal told this daily today. “In November, the students shared their knowledge about earthquake with the principals of 67 secondary level schools and

this programme would continue until the student reach all the districts in the country,” he said.

“Nepal is among the most vulnerable place in the world for earthquake, therefore,

we are focusing on the schools and city areas,” he said adding that the students would train engineers and overseers of District Development Committees and municipalities with the new techniques to building earthquake resistant structures and strengthening old structures.

“Such activities would not only help the students to widen their knowledge and experience but also help fulfil social responsibility,” he added.