Bhaktapur, July 11:

The Bhaktapur District Committee of the Nepal Revolutionary Students’ Association today appealed to the public not to pay fares fixed unilaterally by transporters.

Issuing a press statement, the NRSA said transporters had been charging exorbitant fares ignoring government-fixed rates. Vehicles have been collecting Rs 24 for a journey from Kamalbinayak to Gongabu though the existing fare is only Rs 20, it stated.

“We urge the public to pay government-fixed fares until a new provision is made and call on

students and disabled people to avail themselves of discount,” said the

press release.

It may be noted that the NRSA’s committee, transporters in Bhaktapur and the Bhaktapur District Administration Office had agreed yesterday to form a task force to re-work transport fares in the district.

The taskforce is scheduled to come up with new fares by tomorrow.