Conflict affected women demand govt support

Kathmandu, June 9

Conflict affected women, who are still undergoing physical pain and trauma, have demanded emergency residential homes as well as medical and psychological support from the government.

A ten-point demand put forth by conflict affected women during a two-day workshop ‘Better future for CAW, which concluded yesterday, stated they wanted to play leadership role in the peace process.

The workshop was organised by Sankalpa — women’s alliance for peace, justice and democracy.

They have demanded that the government ensure them meaningful participation in the Commission for Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons and Truth and Reconciliation Commission respecting the rights ensured by International Human Rights Declarations.

They have demanded security, transparency, accountability and commitment to issues related to them along with respect for their privacy.

Rama Khatri, 49, a conflict victim from Makawanpur, said she has been taking medicines for mental illness since a decade. “I am not in a position to afford medicines all my life.

So, I would be very happy if the government provided us free medicines,” she said, adding, “The government could issue identity cards for conflict affected women and provide them concession in hospitals and for other services.”

Her husband, Nar Bahadur Khatri, a retired soldier, was killed by then Maoist rebels in 2009.

Prabina Gole, a 26-year old woman from Chandanpur, Lalitpur whose left arm had to be amputated due to bullet injury in Sindhupalchowk in 2006 is also suffering from multiple problems. “Sometimes she still faces difficulty moving her limbs due to the injury.

Therefore, we want the government to provide us medical support as well as justice and compensation,” she said.

The conflict affected women have also urged the government to provide free education and employment to their family members.