Confusion hampering classes, examinations in local levels

Bhaktapur, June 4

Public schools in Changunarayan Municipality, Bhaktapur, are facing difficulty running classes due to the lack of teaching staff.

The posts of permanent teaching faculty in schools have not been filled due to confusion regarding the appointment of permanent teaching faculty.

Several public schools have as many as 13 teaching faculty positions vacant. Of the total 39 schools in the municipality, the position of permanent teaching staff is yet to be filled in at least seven schools.

One teaching staff position is to be filled in Shree Gadgade Lower Secondary School, Nagarkot; three in Shree Bhagihini Lower Secondary School, Bageswori; two in Balmikeshwor Secondary School, Chareli; two in Saraswoti Lower Secondary School, Seepadole; two in Ganesh Secondary School, Chhaling; two in Shree Mahendragram Secondary School and one in Devi Secondary School, Tathali.

Govinda Dhungana, a teacher at Shree Gadgade Lower Secondary School, said the school required three teachers, two temporary and one permanent. He said, “Of the nine teachers present in the school, only six, including the school principal, were taking classes. There are a total of 101 students in the school.” The municipality had transferred permanent teaching faculty of the school about two months ago.

Since the past two months, the school has faced problems managing the time of available teachers to take classes. “We have opened vacancy for the posts. But, there is confusion as to which body — the municipality or the District Coodination Committee — will appoint them.”

Likewise, Balmikeshwor Secondary School has two vacant posts. “There were no subject teachers in the school apart from math and English teachers. All teachers were involved in teaching all subjects from early child development level to Grade IX,” said school Principal Khagendra Dhamala. There are only eight permanent teachers for a total of 278 students in the school.

Dhamala said, “We requested the District Coordination Committee to appoint teachers but it asked us to bring a permission letter from the municipality for the purpose, while the municipality said it was yet to appoint the teachers,” adding, “The misunderstanding has made it difficult to conduct regular classes.”

Mayor of Changunarayan Municipality Som Mishra said that the Local Government Operation Act 2017 had entrusted the municipality with the authority to appoint teachers in schools of the municipality. “We have formulated Changunarayan Municipality Education Act and Directives, in which it is clearly mentioned that the municipality will approve teachers in the primary and secondary levels.”

However, he added, “We are entrusted with the appointment of teachers and we were preparing to conduct examinations, but the Department of Education sent a letter asking us to stop the exam.”

The Supreme Court has ordered the District Coordination Committee to appoint teachers and conduct examination. “Coordinating with the municipality, we are planning to appoint necessary teachers in public schools. Due to the court order, we have been demanding permission letter from the municipality,” said Bimal Niraula, school inspector at District Coordination Committee Bhaktapur.