Conservationist files petition demanding illegal use of wildlife body parts be stopped

Kathmandu, May 16

Kumar Paudel, a conservationist with specialisation in wildlife trade filed a writ petition against the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Ministry of Forest and Environment, Ministry of Home Affairs and others, demanding that the government enforce laws governing the process of use of wildlife body parts.

The petitioner stated that he saw tiger pelt used as a decorative item at one of the former prime ministers’ residence. He said non-compliance of laws promoted wildlife crimes.

The petitioner said he informed the government officials about the Illegal use of wildlife body parts by various offices and individuals but nobody took action against them.

The petitioner stated that body parts of wildlife were being displayed at many places, offices and houses. The petitioner said the concerned government body authorised to keep records of permits issued to people for using body parts of wildlife had not done so. He said the government had the power to seize illegally kept body parts but it had not done so.

The petitioner urged the court to issue an order to the defendants to collect data on illegal use of wildlife body parts and to take action against the guilty. The first hearing of the case has been scheduled for tomorrow.