Constituent Assembly's ultimate meeting promulgates Nepal's Constitution 2072

KATHMANDU: President Dr Ram Baran on Sunday made the announcement of commencement of Nepal's Constitution 2072 at the ultimate meeting of Constituent Assembly.

With the announcement, the new Constitution has come into effect from today itself.

Before making the announcement, the ceremonial Head of the State signed on the copies of new charter that the CA members had signed on and the CA chairman, Subas Chandra Nembang, authenticated on Friday.

The new charter has 35 parts, 308 articles and nine schedules. With its promulgation, the Interim Constitution of Nepal has automatically repealed.

Subsequently, in his speech, President Dr Yadav congratulated the Nepali people for the historic achievement, expressing his hope that the new constitution will help establish sustainable peace and political stability and open the path of development.

A packed house of CA applauded the President for his speech sentence by sentence.

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After the president's speech, the CA members unanimously passed a motion on the vote of thanks to the president, tabled by the CA chairman.

After the dissolution of the first CA, elections for the second CA were held on November 19, 2013. Its first meeting was held on January 22, 2014.

During 602 days till today, according to CA Chairman Nembang, the CA held 130 full meetings in 130 days and sat for 135 times.

Nembang informed the meeting that the CA spent 328 hours 45 minutes for its special tasks while the committees under it carried out the most of the work of constitution-making as per the Constituent Assembly Rules and presented theirs reports  to the full meeting of CA.

Ending the CA meeting at 6:37 pm, CA Chairman Nembang announced that the CA automatically transformed into the Legislature-Parliament from today as per the Article 296 of new Constitution.

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