‘Continuous Education’ programme this year


Non-formal Education Centre (NFEC) will be running ‘Continuous Education’ programme from this fiscal to teach Nepalis who are illiterate.

Nepal government has allocated Rs 400 million to run this programme.

NFEC had launched National Literacy Campaign for seven years which ended last fiscal to make literate all the illiterate people of the country, but it failed to meet the target.

After the failure of National Literacy Campaign, NFEC had decided to run literacy classes as per the demand to teach Nepalis who are still illiterate.

NFEC has prepared two types of textbooks for literacy classes — part one for illiterate people and part two for those who have already attended literacy classes.Keshav Dahal, deputy director of NFEC on sunday said they were going to run literacy classes only in those places where people demanded it.

He said, “Thousands of people are still illiterate and those who have already learned basic thing are interested in learning more advanced level course, therefore, we are going to teach two different courses for attendants.”

He stated that the completely illiterate people will be taught to learn basic things to get acquainted with alphabets, numbers and other things while people who have already attended literacy classes in the past will be given a little more advanced course in literacy classes.

Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat had also announced that talented students who have been studying under scholarship quotas would be mobilised as part of their social responsibility.

Mahat had announced mobilisation of talented students for at least two hours per week to teach illiterate people in their community.

Earlier, while launching the National Literacy Campaign too, NFEC had mobilised students to teach illiterate people as part of their practical exam in grades IX and X.

Dahal said that there were 21,099 Community Learning Centres across the country where literacy classes would be conducted as per the demand of the community. He said that literacy classes would be run for three months by volunteers.