Cops to be promoted upon retirement

Kathmandu, June 29

The Ministry of Home Affairs has said it is working to introduce a provision of promoting police personnel to the next higher grade upon retirement. It said the policy was being worked out especially for those who retired after working in the same post for a long time.

“Similarly, any police personnel maimed or mentally incapacitated in the line of duty will be provided with healthcare support and an arrangement will be made for his/her dignified retirement,” read the 84-point Home Administration Reform Roadmap, 2017 unveiled by the MoHA recently.

The MoHA has also envisioned a provision of creating a post of assistant constable between constable and head constable, and senior sub-inspector between assistant sub-inspector and sub-inspector to boost the morale of police personnel.

In the wake of controversy over nepotism and cronyism in the distribution of awards and decorations, the MoHA said it would also develop an objective criteria for the same. As per the roadmap, the MoHA will put an end to the tendency of misusing police personnel as domestic help in the house of serving and retired VIPs and high-ranking cops. “No police employee will be used for the purpose other than security,” it read. Over 1,500 low-ranking cops are said to be serving as domestic help.

“The existing policy on deputing cops for the security of high-level public office-bearers, politicians, retired officials and security officials will be revised and made public,” it added. The roadmap stated that coordination and collaboration between security organisations and concerned agencies would be strengthened.

“A clear procedure on command and control will also be developed while mobilising security bodies in a unified manner. An appropriate mechanism will be created within the chain of command of security body for the redressal of internal grievances. No one will be allowed to disseminate unrelated and baseless information through media and social networking sites going against his/her office’s code of ethics,” said the roadmap.

The MoHA has also expressed concern about police personnel adding more weight and said special focus will be given to their physical fitness to keep them healthy and agile.

“The MoHA will work on ending differences over the term of office of police personnel,” it informed. Currently, the term of office of police officer is 30 years, but they have long wanted the government to increase it to 32 years.