Cops warn unruly drivers

Kathmandu, October 12

With the onset of Dashain, Kathmandu Valley will be witnessing a huge outflow of people to celebrate the festival.

Officials expect a massive travel rush from Ghatasthapana onwards despite the adverse impact on transportation due to fuel crisis, causing traffic pressure on national highways.

According to Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, around 1.5 million people living in the Valley as students, civil servants, migrant workers and temporary residents are expected to leave for their hometowns during the festival.

Bearing in mind the travel rush for the festivities, Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has established citizen’s help desks in Kalanki and New Bus Park and is preparing to set up 10 more such desks in as many places of the Valley to facilitate travellers.

The travel rush is expected to reach its peak on the day of Fulpati, which is also the busiest travel day, before it witnesses a lull for a few days, an official at MTPD informed.

Traffice police officials said help desks will regulate traffic and settle complaints lodged by passengers. A joint team comprising traffic police, representatives from the Department of Transport Management and transport entrepreneurs will also be inspecting and monitoring vehicles to ensure that they are carrying passengers within capacity and not on the roofs.