Defying the tradition that only Brahmins have to learn Sanskrit language, Muslim students have started studying Sanskrit at a school in Tanahun.

Students from castes other than the Brahmin community have started learning Sanskrit.

The number of students studying Sanskrit from other castes is more than the number of Brahmin students at Maharshi Vedbyash Sanskrit Secondary School.

The attraction among Muslim kids towards Sanskrit language has grown tremendously.

Thirty-five Muslim students are learning Sanskrit language at present, said head teacher Toyanath Niraula.

The number of students studying Sanskrit from Buddhist and Christian communities is also on the rise.

There are 281 students studying at the school. Of them, ninety-five per cent are from Dalit and ethnic backgrounds. Head teacher Niraula said that those who opted for Sanskrit would not have to stay unemployed.

Tenth grader Ruksan Khatun said that she had come to Tananhun from Bara to learn Sanskrit language.

"Sanskrit education is indispensable for life,"

Khatun added. She aims to become a nurse in the future.

Najir Miya from the Muslim community said that he wanted to become a Sanskrit teacher in future. Students from communities other than Brahmins are showing interest in learning Sanskrit, said assistant head teacher Bishnu Hari Bhattarai.

A version of this article appears in the print on January 28, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.