Criminal activities up in Lalitpur

Incidents of rape and violence against women and children have increased alarmingly

Kathmandu, July 21

Not only Kathmandu but Lalitpur has also witnessed sharp rise in crime rate in the fiscal 2017-18.

According to statistics released by Metropolitan Police Range, Lalitpur, it filed 945 cases at the court and district administration office against 1,165 compared to 858 last fiscal, an increase by 9.6 per cent. As many as 1,165 suspects were arrested and prosecuted as per the crimes in 2017-18. Of them, 43 are women.

The district dealt with 26 cases of various crimes during the period. They include public crimes (446), theft (44), banking offence (52), rape (21), attempted rape (1), paedophilia (2), fraud (17), kidnapping and hostage-taking (2), drug (38), murder (3), attempted murder (8), bomb blast (1), gambling (20), extortion (1), vehicular homicide (21), vehicular maim (2), arms and ammunition (5), forgery of government seal and signature (11), polygamy (2), cybercrime (1), arson (1), offence against the Education Act (1), black-marketing (3) and killing of cow in vehicle-hit (1).

Police said violence against women and children rose in the fiscal 2017-18. Incidents of rape increased at an alarming rate during the period.

As many as 21 cases of rape were reported in 2017-18 compared to 15 last fiscal. Similarly, attempted rapes increased from seven to 14.

Likewise, police received 256 complaints related domestic violence.

Of them, 237 cases were settled through reconciliation or court procedures, while 19 persons did not come into contact with the law enforcement agency after filing a complaint.

In 2017-18, Lalitpur did not receive any complaint related to human trafficking.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Police Range said it rescued 38 children and eight women in an unclaimed state, and handed them to the custody of various social organisations during the period.

Likewise, police took action against 8,163 persons and recovered a fine of Rs 5.03 million from them for violation of traffic rules.

Earlier, statistics released by Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, had also shown that the overall crime rate in district was on an upward trend.

Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, filed as many as 6,841 cases at the court and district administration office against the crime suspects in fiscal 2074-75 compared to 4,582 last fiscal.

According to the statistics, police arrested 9,102 suspects in connection with 6,841 cases and 692 persons are still at large.

MPR said the crime rate increased by approximately 33 per cent in the fiscal 2017-18 against the last fiscal.