Kathmandu, September 28

Electric Vehicle Association Nepal (EVAN), Clean Energy Nepal (CEN), Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN) and Electric Vehicle Importer and Manufacturer Nepal (EVIMAN) are jointly organising a cycle rally tomorrow with the aim of highlighting the importance of electric vehicles and cycling at a time when the import of petroleum products is being obstructed in the country.

The rally will begin from Nepal Airlines Corporation, New Road, at 9:00am. It will pass through Ratna Park and Thapathali and end at Trolley Bus station, New Baneshwor.

Prashanta Khanal, programme coordinator, CEN said, “We are going through major petroleum crisis due to the ongoing protest and blockade at the border, thus I think we should now focus on seeking alternatives to petroleum products such as cycles and other electric vehicles.”

“Along with road expansion, the government has allocated a road section as cycle lane, but we don’t see it nowhere. We do have cycle lanes in some areas along the main road, but they are not in proper condition,” he added.

He further said that the government has allocated a cycle lane from Maitighar to Tilganga, but people avoid it because of traffic and heavy vehicles therefore they were organising the cycle rally to promote electric vehicles and cycles as city transport.

Stating that Europe has already established the culture of considering cycle as a ‘poor man’s vehicle’, he said, “We also aim to promote the same culture here in Nepal. Not only poor but everyone should use electric vehicles as it is the only alternative we have.”

He informed that not only cycles, but other electric vehicles including ‘safa tempo’ will be participating in the rally.

The worldwide use of petroleum products, unstable and expensive, dependency on neighbouring country and unfavourable balance of trade and unfavourable balance of payment has affected the nation adversely. In this condition, the government should seriously start finding a solution and an alternative.

“The number of people using cycles is decreasing in Tarai areas too. Many people now have started using motorbikes and cars. This is not good for our future. So, cycle and electric vehicles need to be prioritised from today as an alternative to petroleum products,” added Khanal.

CEN and CCNN urged the government to construct a permanent acycle lane along the Ring Road, Bhaktapur and other main road sections. They requested the government to prioritise non-motorised transport system in all parts of the country.