Dalit front cries for privileges

KATHMANDU: The central committee meeting of Maoist-aligned National Dalit Liberation Front has decided to press for the privilege for Dalits.

“We’ve decided to organise several programmes, including seminar, workshop and interaction, across the country to exert pressure on the authorities for ensuring some privileges for the people belonging to Dalit communities,” said Tilak Pariyar, president of the body. He was speaking at a press conference organised to make public its decision here today.

The meeting also decided to form a task force led by Padam Sundas to look into the history of Dalit movement. Other members of the task force include Ranendra Barali, Padma Lal Biswokarma and Dhan Bahadur Biswokarma.

Another five-member task force has also been formed under the leadership of Ranendra Barali to identify whether some particular groups within Newar, Bhote, Jhangad, Muslim, Madhesi and Bantar communities fall under the Dalit category.

The CC meet has also decided to organise its fourth national conference within next four months for which a donation drive will be launched. According to president Pariyar, who is also an advisor of the Unified CPN Maoist, the front demanded a bill on untouchability, ensuring privilege for Dalits at all the state organs in the new constitution; declaring caste-based system and untouchability serious crimes, among others.

As per the decision of the Dalit body, it will organise publicity campaign from August 17, door-to-door campaign and meetings from September 6, nationwide torch rally on September 12, and sit-in on September 13 at Singha Durbar and all District Administration Offices for one-and-half hours.

Pariyar said the government’s decision to provide Rs 100,000 to a person marrying Dalit woman would bring havoc in the society. “The reward will further intensify the exploitation of Dalit women, which the so-called upper caste people have been practicing since long.”