Deadline for voluntary retirement extended

Lalitpur, July 5

Sajha Prakashan has extended the deadline for its employees to apply for voluntary retirement.

A few days ago, it had issued a notice calling all interested employees, who have already worked for 20 years in the publication house, to seek voluntary retirement within seven days. However, it received only a few applications.

Dolindra Prasad Sharma, general manager, Sajha Prakashan, today said they have extended the deadline till July 14 for employees to apply for voluntary retirement. “Till date only 16 section officers have applied for voluntary retirement,” he said.

Sharma said many first class and second class officers of the publication house draw more than Rs 60,000 in monthly salary and are paid for 17 months a year. He said that Sajha Prakashan would collapse if it failed to manage human resources.

“The debt-ridden Sajha Prakashan will collapse if it fails to reduce the number of employees,” said Sharma, who is also the chairperson of Sajha Prakashan Management Committee.

He informed that the monthly expenses of Sajha Prakashan stood at Rs 7.2 million, while it owes Rs 80 million in loans to various banks. The publication house had recently sought Rs 400 from the government to clear its debts and pay employees.

The organisation has stated that the employees, who completed 20 years of service on June 14, would get three months’ extra salary if they tendered their resignation within the given deadline.