Declare Nepal a Hindu state, students tell government

KATHMANDU: Free Students' Union (FSU), Balmiki Campus, today demanded that Nepal be declared a 'Hindu state'. Issuing here a press statement, FSU demanded that ancient religions, norms and values of the Nepali society be preserved.

"We'll not be able to accept secular state," the statement said, adding that the culture of the country is not resembled through this declaration. The statement mentioned that the Hindu religion is the identity of the country and it should be protected at all cost.

The Union further said that being a Hindu state, Nepal was able to preserve the religious tolerance among the various religious groups until few years ago.

The statement urged the concerned agencies to protect the national identity and to ensure the future of people living in the country.

The statement further stated that the Hindu religion is the 'back bone' of the country and demanded the concern bodies to go for referendum to take the decision regarding the issue.