Deepak Manange out on Rs 25,000 bail

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu District Administration Office today ordered the release of Rajiv Gurung alias Deepak Manange after he paid a bail. The bail was set at Rs 25,000.

Manange was rearrested on January 20 on charges of manhandling policemen soon after his release from the Dillibazaar Prison, where he served 11-month jail term. He was remanded in custody on Thursday after he refused the bail.

SP Ganesh KC, in-charge of Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka said that he was set free by the DAO after he paid the bail amount.

“He was brought to MPR from the Central Jail after he paid the bail amount and released later on the day,” KC informed.

Last year, the DAO had found him guilty of assaulting Abhishek Bikram Shah at the Dynasty Disco in Durbarmarg and was sentenced to jail for one year and slapped a fine of Rs 5,000. Earlier, he had managed to set himself free after serving one-month jail term, when he filed a petition in which he claimed himself as Rajiv Gurung and not Deepak Manange.

The MPR, however, rearrested him on February 22, 2009 from Thamel, two months after his release and jailed him for 11 months after reviewing the case.

SP KC, however, said that the self-proclaimed don had committed public offences such as loot and extortion from businessmen and affluent families.

“The police will continue to keep a tight vigil on him and his associates,” he added. The court on Thursday had sent Arjun Gurung “Challa”, another self-proclaimed don, charged under the Narcotic Drugs (Control) Act, to jail.