Disagreement on sharing stalls merger

Kathmandu, May 7

CPN-Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal today told Young Communist League office bearers and cadres that he had not reached agreement with the CPN-UML on unification issues yet.

Dahal’s clarification came after some media outlets reported that Dahal had reached understanding with Prime Minister and CPN-UML Chair KP Sharma Oli on unifying his party with the UML on a 60 (UML):40 (CPN-MC) ratio.

YCL In-Charge Mani Thapa said that Dahal told YCL leaders and cadres that the unification process remained halted not because of any other issue but because the two parties had not reached agreement on two issues: agenda of the unified party and the percentage of participation of the two parties in the unified party’s structures, including the Central Committee.

“Media reports that unification is not happening because I want surety from the UML that I will be chairman from the General Convention of the unified party is wrong. There are other issues that have delayed unification,” Thapa quoted Dahal as telling YCL leaders.

YCL leaders today told Dahal that the CPN-MC should unify with the UML only if the latter recognised the role of ‘people’s war’ and gave priority to the agenda championed by the CPN-MC and became ready for a win-win game.

“The party Chair told us that he would compromise on minor issues but not on major ones, particularly on the goal of socialism for which the CPN-MC cadres sacrificed their lives,” Thapa said. Thapa said Dahal told YCL leaders and cadres that he would not stick to percentage but the unity must be a win-win deal for both parties.

A CPN-MC leader said that percentage was the main factor that had been stalling the unification process.

The leader said that CPN-UML leaders were saying that unification should happen on 60:40 ratio as the CPN-MC had agreed during the poll alliance and the CPN-UML had won majority of the seats.

“UML says it is the largest party and hence it should have 60 per cent representation in the Central Committee of the unified party, but we are saying that parliamentary strength of a party never remains static. We were the largest party in the first CA but we became third largest party in the second CA,” the CPN-MC leader said and added that unification should be a win-win deal for both parties.

He said the CPN-Maoist Centre’s agenda had won in the new political situation and therefore, the party should be given respectable position in the unity deal.