Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 1:

The Blue Diamond Society (BDS), in a press release issued today has denounced the discriminatory behaviour against cross dressing males and has sought an immediate end to all abuses, discrimination and degrading behaviours against such people. Meanwhile, the BDS has informed that three unidentified persons last night raped two cross dressing males in a guesthouse at Thamel. "Two persons approached Joshna, Rupa and Jaya (named changed) — the cross dressing males — at the Oriental Restaurant and asked them to go with them to a hotel.

All five went to the White Lotus Guest House at Thamel and the two persons started drinking and making sexual advances. One of the three metis asked for the money that had been agreed before but the men started misbehaving, forcing them to drink beer and beat them badly," the press release said. "The scuffle lasted for about two and half hours and the metis were forced to have oral and anal sex with them, before the three managed to escape from the site. They informed the police, who arrived the scene and arrested the two persons who were drunk and naked and were taken to the Sorakhutte police station," The BDS said.

The three metis today filed a complaint at the police station. However, the two arrested yesterday night are at large from police custody, the BDS has said. Even though such cases of rape and assaults against metis by other men occur regularly in Kathmandu, this is the first time that such a case had been brought formally to the attention of the police, the release further states.