Kathmandu, January 2:

A meeting of the central ad hoc committee of the Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) affiliated to the Nepali Congress today formed a three-member discipline committee, the first task of which is expected to be the investigation into the incident when some dissident students waved black flags at the party president and recommend action against them.

However, 15 out of 41 members of the ad hoc committee were absent in the meeting to protest the way the ad hoc committee was formed by the Nepali Congress.

The committee under the coordination of Nabal Kishor Yadav, joint general secretary of the union, has Kiran Neupane and Binod Kumar KC as members.

The committee would investigate into the activities of the union members and cadres that violate the disciplinary norms of the union and recommend action against such students.

A group of NSU activists, who were against the formation of the ad hoc committee, had waved black flags at NC president Girija Prasad Koirala the day after the Nepali Congress formed the ad hoc committee of the union a few weeks ago.

The committee is also expected to look into the Pokhara episode of the union in which factions of the union fought with each other leading to the cancellation of the union’s 10th general convention.

Likewise, the central body of the union has formed a seven-member committee to formulate the union’s manifesto under the coordination of its general secretary Badri Pandey.

Speaking at a press confer Pradip Poudel, vice-president of the union, who also did not attend the meeting, said the discipline committee should have been formed to solve the problem rather than creating new ones, which may lead to fraction in the union.

He said the party should first solve the ideological crisis in the union, and then only can it form a disciplinary committee.