DNA of suspects tested at two laboratories: Police

Kathmandu, October 1

A day after the DNA reports of suspects in the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta were made public, Nepal Police issued a statement stating that the DNA samples of the suspects were tested at two laboratories — Nepal Academy of Science and Technology under the Ministry of Education Science and Technology and Central Police Forensic Science Laboratory.

The then superintendent of police Dilli Raj Bista, his son Kiran Raj Bista and local Aayush Bista’s DNA samples were collected by police after locals suspecting their involvement in the crime demanded that their DNA be tested . Police stated that the DNA reports of all  three suspects were negative.

The statement issued by police, however, has not mentioned how and where the DNA test of Nirmala’s vaginal swab was conducted. DNA test of the suspect must be cross-checked with the DNA sample collected from the vaginal swab of the victim to prove their involvement in the crime. Police have also not mentioned anything about how the sample was collected.

A member of one of the investigation committees formed to investigate the case told  THT that the sample was collected without following necessary procedure and was not stored properly. He also raised question over the quantity of the sample collected for the test.