Doctors' protest continue

KATHMANDU: Doctors affiliated with Nepal Medical Association (NMA) continued their protest nationwide today demanding that the government fulfill their demands.

"Although the talk is heading toward a positive direction, we want it to be decided from the Cabinet," said Dr Kedar Narsingh KC, president of NMA. He said that the ministry was contemplating over buying more time to settle the issue. Meanwhile, physicians across the nation are continuing their work by tying black bands around their wrists.

Talking to The Himalayan Times, KC said the NMA would announce its strong protest on Saturday, after a board meeting.

He further added that the doctors were fighting for their professional security.

NMA has demanded professional security, increase budget for hospitals and posting of more health personals to health institutions.

They have also urged the government to waive five per cent service charge on private hospitals and clinics and implement the Health Professional Protection Act.