DoI waiting for air tickets to deport Eritreans

Kathmandu, July 15

The Department of Immigration is waiting for air tickets to deport nine Eritrean nationals who have been kept in its custody for ‘travelling illegally’ to Nepal.

“It has been confirmed that they are Eritrean nationals. We are ready to deport them, but they have not been able to manage air tickets to fly back home,” an immigration official told The Himalayan Times.

According to DoI officials, Eritrean nationals should manage at least Rs 60,000 for each ticket.

Srkie Fevben (23, female), Tsehaye Sham (24, male), Bereket Hana (30, female) and Yoseaf Almaz (37, female), Daniel Kebri (2, male), Daniel Noemi (4, female), Tesgay Samson (5, male), Daniel Asenya (6, female) and Daniel Nimrod (8, male) were detained for investigation as they were travelling without necessary documents.

The Eritreans had boarded a Qatar Airlines flight from Tribhuwan International Airport to Sarajevo of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, the Bosnian immigration refused them entry and sent them back to Kathmandu on July 5. The same day, the airport immigration office sent them to DoI.