Donors seek recognition

Lalitpur, July 28

Blood donors are life savers, but no agencies or organisations keep proper record of such donors in the country, which has discouraged many blood donors from donating blood as they do not get due recognition for their humanitarian deed.

“I have donated blood many times. But no organisation or state agencies has its record, which is a matter of serious concern,” said Chandra Parajuli, who has donated blood 119 times so far.

“Blood donors are given no credit for their generosity,” said another blood donor Bhanu Rosan Rajbhandari, adding that regular blood donors should be given recognition to attract new blood donors.

He added that more people should be encouraged to donate blood as there was blood scarcity at most of the hospitals.

Some argue that blood donation camps are not conducted in clean areas. Blood donation programmes in some areas of Kathmandu valley like Chabahil and Kalanki should be halted, as they are being run in polluted areas, said Parajuli.

Even Red Cross Society Nepal, an independent body that supplies blood, lacks record of the donors. “There is a myth that donating blood many times affects health. Such myth should be debunked through awareness campaigns,” said another donor Basanta Shrestha.

Rajendra Sunuwar, who has so far donated blood 53 times, demanded that patients should be provided donated blood free of cost.

Most of the blood donors said that it was their right to get due recognition and get information about where and how blood donated by them was being used.