Drug offences top crime chart in Nepal

Kathmandu, March 17

The number of drug related offences is higher than any other heinous crime in Nepal and is increasing at an alarming rate, says a recent report of the Narcotics Control Bureau.

According to the NBC, the country recorded 1,715 drug crimes compared to 778 murders, 557 rapes,118 abductions and 118 cases of human trafficking in 2011 BS. Similarly, there were 1,847 drug crimes, 679 murders,  667 rapes, 88 kidnappings and 144 cases of human trafficking in 2012 while the number of crimes stood at 1,792,  642, 186, 910 and 90 respectively in 2013 BS.

In the context of Nepal, cultivation of genetically selected strains have led to increase in cannabis harvests. As a result, cannabis cultivation is increasing even in the hilly areas, posing a grave threat to security, according to the report.

Drug trafficking has been significantly increasing due to open border with India. India is the key destination of hashish that is illegally produced in Nepal. Smuggling of psychotropic substance and pharmaceutical drugs has become quite common along the open border. Prohibited drugs costing around Rs 80 per piece across the border is sold for Rs 300 per piece when brought into Kathmandu.

“Truly speaking, increase in the number of drug crimes is a matter of serious concern. Drug transactions worth billions of dollars take place around the world annually. Talking about Nepal, over 10 million dollars were spent on heroin and hashish in the last three years. The figure is based on the market price of drugs,” read the report.

Foreigners are also found to be actively involved in drug abuse and trafficking. The only international airport is being used to transport drugs and drug traffickers are making Nepal their transit point. “We need to modernise the Tribhuvan International Airport to control drug trafficking,” the report suggested.